by Original Artyfacts

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The spirit of the '66 waving through the colour of a melody, mixing old psychedelia and the new wave of a foreing language. The sound bursting through the streets, out of the suburbs, right into the dial of a wild radio station. a peak into the eyes of a teenage lover that has never gone away, but's never been that close. a route into the underground, a siamese cat out of a trashcan, out of the mystic, right to the heart, as lovely as it gets.
Original Artyfacts is a new band from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


released June 25, 2014

Letras y Música por Original Artyfacts
Producido por Original Artyfacts & Santiago De Simone
Grabado por Santiago De Simone en Estudios Rinoceronte, Buenos Aires, Argentina el 5 y 6 de Abril de 2014.
Drum Doctor: Lucas Sanna
Arte de Tapa: Nicolás Z
Foto de Tapa: Melodía Mej

Mezclado por Santiago De Simone en 7AM Mixing.
Masterizado por Estanislao López en Estudio Caja de Ruidos, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Nahuel Marcos: guitarras y coros
Nicolás Z: batería y percusiones
Nicolás Ferreiro: guitarras, voces y coros
Pablo Hle: bajo, voces y coros

Santiago De Simone: coros en "Radios"

Todos los derechos reservados.



all rights reserved


Original Artyfacts Buenos Aires, Argentina


Logo: FOTI

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Track Name: Lovely
My mommy used to tell me
“You don’t have to cry,
Because if you cry,
Your eyes are gonna dry”

You can’t always remind me
That love is not enough
But now my life is crumbling
And you are not my type

She seems
To be lonely,
Now you seem
To be her boyfriend

Isn’t it lovely?
Track Name: Record Store
If I walk alone, that’s ok
Your heart is by my side
If I take you to the record store
Would you be my guide?

You don’t see me like I do
You won’t take me on your next
Trip around the world

If you are alone, that’s ok
You can come by my house
We can listen to the 13th floors,
Let it bleed and Can

You don’t see me like I do
You won’t take me on your next
Trip around the world
Track Name: Radios
Oh girl don’t be so shy,
‘cause i’ve been watin for you all night.
And i don’t care about those girls and boys
All they search is to destroy.

C’mon shut me up
C’mon turn me around

Hurry up cause it is no good,
I got tired trying to talk to you,
Let’s dance to some old tune,
Cause i’ve been surely misunderstood.

C’mon shut me up
C’mon turn me around

And I don’t wanna hear that voice on the radio,
And I don’t wanna hear that voice on the radio,
Dance dance dance to the radio.

Oh girl don’t be so mean,
You’re the hardest woman i’ve ever seen.
Well i guess if you said hey
Then I’d feel electric, you would drive me insane